Welcome !
Kantor Pos is a Netherlands based arts management company as well as a performing arts production centre focusing upon cultural projects linking Europe and SE Asia. We have an expertise of over 10 years dealing with artists from South East Asia. Starting this year we extend our activities into functioning as an agency, facilitating and organizing tours for cutting edge dance-performance related artists from Indonesia and surrounding countries.
Since 2009, Gerard Mosterd’s interdisciplinary theatre projects are developed and released under a new flag: Kantor Pos. The Bahasa Indonesia name Kantor Pos, derived from the Dutch word Postkantoor, meaning Post Office, has been chosen because of it’s included  concept of ‘sending’ and ‘receiving’ information from all over the world. Challenging projects and activities will be formulated and executed within the coming years by Kantor Pos in which international cooperation and exchange are being placed central. While focus is kept on the European interaction with Asia and in particular with the Malay archipelago which stretches from Sumatra, the Malay peninsula, via the Indonesian islands to Mindanao and the top of the northern island of Luzon in the Philippines.