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Modern Dance Gerard Mosterd

From 21-23 September 2007, an international group consisting of 4 Indonesian, a Japanese and 2 Dutch dancers will perform Jamuan Bisu ...PARAdis_e... ? A photograph of a previous production by Boi Sakti: On The Old Road.

Jamuan Bisu ...PARAdis_e... ? is the extraordinary result of a collaboration between the Dutch-Indonesian theatre maker Gerard Mosterd and the world renowned Sumatran choreographer Boi G. Sakti.

Mosterd makes productions wherein he integrates autobiographical, literary and contemporary themes. Sakti's work is a continuation of the dance art of his late mother, the much talked about choreographer suid Gumarang. Sakti develops very particular and contemporary dance-theatre from themes that are deeply rooted in the matriarchal Minangkabau community (a region of West Sumatra). Using these themes he refences current subject matter while his movement idiom comes forth from an emotional reverence for nature.

A continuation of the reputation which Mosterd has built up with productions such as Luminescent Twilight (2002) and Kamu/Jij (2005) resulted in a meeting between the Dutch-Indonesian dance of Mosterd and the emotional and flowing movement material of Boi. The production was created in Indonesia and will tour through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand before it goes to the Netherlands and several other European countries.A photograph of a previous production by Gerard Mosterd: Kamu/Jij.


21 Sep   Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, KLPAC    @8.30pm
22 Sep   Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, KLPAC    @8.30pm 
23 Sep   Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, KLPAC    @3.00pm

Preceding the performances workshops (during the day) will be offered, wherein 'Minang Silek', under the guidance
of experts will be combined with contemporary dance.

For more information please visit:

Externe link www.gumarang-sakti.com
Externe link www.gerardmosterd.com

Date: 19 september 2007 - 23 september 2007


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