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JAMUAN Bisu... PARAdis_e...? dance performance.

Friday 28 Sep 2007
University Cultural Centre Hall
National University of Singapore

The Minangkabau community of West Sumatra is probably one of the largest remnants of matriarchal and matrilineal society in the world, like dating back to prehistoric times. Although they have merged with Islam since the 13th century, its unique philosophy and customs are still heavily influenced by the dominant position of women and the worship of Mother Earth and Nature. The myth of 'Bundo Kanduang' tells us of an ancient powerful queen mother. One of the Minang symbols is the 'Suntiang', a headdress that women wear during their marriage ritual as a metaphor of a yoke, carrying the burden of life.

In this production, Boi Sakti refers to matriarchal issues and symbols such as the concept of Jamuan Bisu (silent devotion). We also experience the use of 'Randai', a typical matriarchal circle dance in which elements of 'Minang Silek' (Pencak Silat) are used as an idiom.

Gerard Mosterd started this project with video artist Wilhelmusvlug out of interest in the contrast of the horizontal and vertical world. While the horizontal Minang society draws its inspiration from the cycles of nature (Alam), modern society finds itself in a long-term vertical development away from the earth. As the horizontal earth connects all of us, head-oriented, vertical society disconnects human beings from each other and the earth we originated from. Where does it lead us to?

This unique Dutch-Indonesian theatre collaboration between Boi G Sakti and Gerard Mosterd envisions two different starting points and conclusions in a contemporary setting.

An enjoyable and powerful performance by dancers from Indonesia, Portugal, Spain and Japan.

The Indonesian dancers are from the renowned Gumarang Sakti Dance Company.

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