A Socialite's Tale: An Interview with Dr. Georgia Lee
An Interview with Dr. Georgia Lee
Wanna know what it's like to be a socialite in Singapore? HOOKED chats up with Dr. Lee, a prominent figure in Singapore's high society, to find that socialites need not be all about play and no work.
NUS Arts Festival Coverage
NUS Arts Festival Coverage

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Cleo Bachelors Finals Party 2008 - School's out!

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An Evening with Broken Social Scene

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Fake it 'til you make it: The Elitist Complex
Fake it 'til you make it:
The Elitist Complex

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Living the High Life: Not All About Money
Living the High Life:
Not All About Money

What is it that separates the bourgeoisie from the aristocrats? HOOKED explains why cold, hard cash is not enough to buy your way into the high society.
How Low Would You Go?
How Low Would You Go?

They say love can transcend all boundaries, but can it really overcome class differences? HOOKED examines how important it is to have an equal footing in a relationship between He and She.
Fashionable Elites or Elitist Fashion?
Fashionable Elites or Elitist Fashion?

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Atas Makan Places

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The Atas Guide to Museum-Hopping in Singapore

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Crows Zero: Of Blood-thumping Violence
Crows Zero: Of Blood-thumping Violence

If being refined is not for you, how about watching some blood and violence to release your pent-up frustration?
10 Ways To Bluff Your Way Into Being Atas
10 Ways To Bluff Your Way Into Being Atas

HOOKED teaches you how to fake your way into the upper class. Whether you make it or not, however, is another story altogether.

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JAMUAN Bisu...PARAdis_e...?: A Gendered Depiction PDF Print E-mail
Written by Deborah Wong   
The final weekend of the Dance Reflections 2007 on the 28th of September marked the debut of the Indonesian dance production, JAMUAN Bisu...PARAdis_e...?, in Singapore. The dance production, which spanned a surprisingly short one hour interval, had previously premiered in Indonesia on the 1st of September.

        In trying to convey the story of the Minangkabau community of West Sumatra and exploring matriarchal issues and symbols such as the concept of Jamuan Bisu (silent devotion), Boi Sakti, together with Gerard Mosterd infused theatrical elements into the production that enhanced the clarity and understanding of their intentions by the audience.

        The choreography illustrates the delicate inter-gender balance between males and females in the society through the use of masculine and feminine forms in dance.


        Using props such as the Suntiang, a headdress that women wear during their marriage ritual as a metaphor of a yoke - carrying the burden of life, and a theatrical video backdrop, the entire production was a visual spectacle that served to capture the audience's attention throughout its entire run.

        Consisting of an international cast of 7 dancers, from Indonesia, Portugal, Spain and Japan, the ensemble produced a technically exceptional work. Looking immaculately polished and well rehearsed, every step was executed with control and precision. All of the members of the ensemble were in complete sync with each other and attention was equitably distributed among all of them.

        As an art form, dance invokes the use of movement and music to narrate the plot. Herein lies both its strength and weakness. While it permits creativity and freedom for the audience to interpret the story behind the dance, this inherent subjectivity involved in the interpretation of dance items implies that it is difficult to form a deterministic opinion on them.

        JAMUAN Bisu...PARAdis_e...?'s creative and thought provoking dramatization of its storyline through dance therefore, could also prove to be its downfall as its mode of presentation might hinder its ability to convey its message with clarity, especially to an audience who is relatively less-informed about dance techniques.


        However, the impeccable technique and beauty of the dance movements exemplified in the production will undoubtedly more than suffice to draw in the crowds and appeal to the masses, a complete understanding of the storyline of the production notwithstanding.

        JAMUAN Bisu...PARAdis_e...? proved to be a wildly entertaining production that bestowed upon its audience a sense of technical precision and fluidity. It was able to do this while bringing to the forefront, the relevant issue of gender differentiation in modern society. Enlightening, indeed. hooked


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